Across the Sheldomar Valley

Another Detour On the Way to Gnome

Follow That Cat


Our Heroes left Grebe behind them. Errol reneged on a deal with Vecna’s Blades while Echo completed a collections job.

Sir Roderick ingratiated himself toLady Agatha and the entire party impressed the wizard Da’Hal by bringing him a very fresh Chimera carcass. He rewarded them with a number of magical charms from his vast collection.

Tiberius heard a rumor about a fiend spotted on a nearby turnip farm and may have wandered off to investigate.

The party picked up their journey to the town of Gnome heading southwestward to Granforth. They made camp just inside the Barony of Blerfield and were attacked in the dead of night by a pack of displacer beasts. Strangely purposeful, one of the fell beasts snatched Kaun’s Bag of Holding.

Nom managed to track it to the entrance to an ancient temple.



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