Across the Sheldomar Valley

On the Deck of the Sea Ghost

Sometimes the plan works

Wednesday’s game started with Zahi’s break in being thwarted. One might have thought that something in his or Enric’s manner put Brock Tinderforge on high alert.

Sorrowbourne decided to have a crack at persuading Brock to comply with the party’s request to throw open the records of the Black Lion Trading Company but he too was rebuffed. Even a thrid run at minor functionaries while Brock was away at the Lord Mayor’s mansion failed.

The meeting at the Mayor’s did result in the pledge of an internal investigation, headed by Tinderforge and the offer of 500 additional Gold Lions as a bribe. Correction, a bounty.

The balance of the week was spent researching Brock and.the Black Lion Trading Company. While waiting for the Stoutlys to report.

Finally on the 18th of Flocktime the ship Sea Ghost was spotted. The party hashed out a plan to approach the ship fromantic two directions. Enric, Samhal and Reed would use the captured jolly boat assuming the smugglers on board would be expecting it. Zahi, Sorrowbourne and Errol would circle around to the port side and sneak onto the deck.

The plan worked and the smugglers were caught off guard. The ensuing battle ended with Sigurd Snake-Eye in our heroes’ custody and all but one smuggler who dove overboard dead.

The next game is on the 17th, and we’ll pick things up on board the Sea Ghost.



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