Across the Sheldomar Valley

On the Other Hand

During tonight’s game the party secured the good ship Sea Ghost, discovered the smugglers were also dealing weapons with a tribe of lizard men, and blows were exchanged by party members.

After subduing Captain Sigurd our heroes began exploring the ship. They quickly discovered Nom a human barbarian who’d been captured by Sigurd and his crew.

Just moments later the party was attacked by the remaining crew members, a trio of lizard men and a pseudo-dragon. Captain Sigurd watched, chained to the mast, as his remaining comrades fell.

Nom quickly set to dressing the tiny dragon, preparing it for cooking.

Another prisoner was discovered, a sea elf named Oceanus sent by the chief of his tribe to investigate the suspicious activity of the smugglers.

Once satisfied that the ship was cleared. The party set to the interrogation of the Captain. Realizing his precarious position. Captain Sigurd bargained for his freedom offering to produce any evidence or make any statement to secure his release. He gave up the name of his contact in Monmurg, Papa Nikels and confirmed that Knuckles was his Saltmarsh co-conspirator. Although he said he had no dealings with Brock Tinderforge he was willing to implicate the dwarf to secure his release.

The party agreed to free the Captain but Sorrow Born demanded the smuggler’s right hand as tribute. Enric, strongly opposed to the idea, came between Sorrow Born and his target which earned the bard a headbutt from the dwarf. This set the rest of the party against the vengeful Sorrow. Samhaul and Eric cast spells to no avail but Zahi was able to subdue him with a dose of the sleeping poison he’d obtained in town.

And that’s where we left it…



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