Across the Sheldomar Valley

Saltmarsh So Far

Our heroes came to Saltmarsh to keep an appointment with Gilbert the gnome, He had some kind of important, lucrative proposal to offer.

Seeking shelter from the rain at The Merry Mermaid the party quickly learned of the haunted mansion on the outskirts of town. After a rousing and extemporaneous song from Enric the Bard the group was recruited by Lord Mayor Winston Mott to solve the mystery of the house.

Not even bothering to rest after their slog to the Town of Saltmarsh they braved the elements once more plunging into the storm outside. Finding the house was a simple matter.

Undeterred by the eerie exterior our heroes took a multi pronged approach. Reed, the halfling Barbarian scrambled up the west wing chimney and down into the 2nd story.

Pablo, the elven mage ventured boldly through the eastern door, while Zahi, with meticulous care oiled the hinges of the front door and made his entrance.

After the rope they’d tied to Reed went slack Sorrow the dwarf and Enric the bard breached the threshold from the cracked patio in the rear of the west wing.

Almost immediately after their entrance a disembodied voice boomed out, “Welcome fools! Welcome to your death!” The peals of maniacal laughter had just started to fade by the time the party reassembled in the main entrance hall.



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