Across the Sheldomar Valley

Southwest of Singleton

I've got a couple of those, back at camp.

Tonight’s game saw the party finally meet up with Gilbert and the gnome had quite the tale to tell…

After years of research and adventuring Gilbert has finally located the Lost City of the Five Tribes of Kalzar. Promising the party it contained great treasure, wondrous magical items, and lore lost since before the Great Migration all of which they could keep for themselves. There were just two catches. One, the original inhabitants were cursed to a sleepless existence, so plumbing the depths of the city might well prove to be dangerous. Two, the item know as the Chalice of Kalzar was to be his.

The group picked up a few provisions in the village of Singleton but the lion’s share of equipment Gilbert had gathered for the journey were back at his camp.

The camp however had been attack by a couple of trolls killing all but two of Gilbert’s men.






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