Across the Sheldomar Valley

Another Detour On the Way to Gnome
Follow That Cat


Our Heroes left Grebe behind them. Errol reneged on a deal with Vecna’s Blades while Echo completed a collections job.

Sir Roderick ingratiated himself toLady Agatha and the entire party impressed the wizard Da’Hal by bringing him a very fresh Chimera carcass. He rewarded them with a number of magical charms from his vast collection.

Tiberius heard a rumor about a fiend spotted on a nearby turnip farm and may have wandered off to investigate.

The party picked up their journey to the town of Gnome heading southwestward to Granforth. They made camp just inside the Barony of Blerfield and were attacked in the dead of night by a pack of displacer beasts. Strangely purposeful, one of the fell beasts snatched Kaun’s Bag of Holding.

Nom managed to track it to the entrance to an ancient temple.

Southwest of Singleton
I've got a couple of those, back at camp.

Tonight’s game saw the party finally meet up with Gilbert and the gnome had quite the tale to tell…

After years of research and adventuring Gilbert has finally located the Lost City of the Five Tribes of Kalzar. Promising the party it contained great treasure, wondrous magical items, and lore lost since before the Great Migration all of which they could keep for themselves. There were just two catches. One, the original inhabitants were cursed to a sleepless existence, so plumbing the depths of the city might well prove to be dangerous. Two, the item know as the Chalice of Kalzar was to be his.

The group picked up a few provisions in the village of Singleton but the lion’s share of equipment Gilbert had gathered for the journey were back at his camp.

The camp however had been attack by a couple of trolls killing all but two of Gilbert’s men.




On the Other Hand

During tonight’s game the party secured the good ship Sea Ghost, discovered the smugglers were also dealing weapons with a tribe of lizard men, and blows were exchanged by party members.

After subduing Captain Sigurd our heroes began exploring the ship. They quickly discovered Nom a human barbarian who’d been captured by Sigurd and his crew.

Just moments later the party was attacked by the remaining crew members, a trio of lizard men and a pseudo-dragon. Captain Sigurd watched, chained to the mast, as his remaining comrades fell.

Nom quickly set to dressing the tiny dragon, preparing it for cooking.

Another prisoner was discovered, a sea elf named Oceanus sent by the chief of his tribe to investigate the suspicious activity of the smugglers.

Once satisfied that the ship was cleared. The party set to the interrogation of the Captain. Realizing his precarious position. Captain Sigurd bargained for his freedom offering to produce any evidence or make any statement to secure his release. He gave up the name of his contact in Monmurg, Papa Nikels and confirmed that Knuckles was his Saltmarsh co-conspirator. Although he said he had no dealings with Brock Tinderforge he was willing to implicate the dwarf to secure his release.

The party agreed to free the Captain but Sorrow Born demanded the smuggler’s right hand as tribute. Enric, strongly opposed to the idea, came between Sorrow Born and his target which earned the bard a headbutt from the dwarf. This set the rest of the party against the vengeful Sorrow. Samhaul and Eric cast spells to no avail but Zahi was able to subdue him with a dose of the sleeping poison he’d obtained in town.

And that’s where we left it…

On the Deck of the Sea Ghost
Sometimes the plan works

Wednesday’s game started with Zahi’s break in being thwarted. One might have thought that something in his or Enric’s manner put Brock Tinderforge on high alert.

Sorrowbourne decided to have a crack at persuading Brock to comply with the party’s request to throw open the records of the Black Lion Trading Company but he too was rebuffed. Even a thrid run at minor functionaries while Brock was away at the Lord Mayor’s mansion failed.

The meeting at the Mayor’s did result in the pledge of an internal investigation, headed by Tinderforge and the offer of 500 additional Gold Lions as a bribe. Correction, a bounty.

The balance of the week was spent researching Brock and.the Black Lion Trading Company. While waiting for the Stoutlys to report.

Finally on the 18th of Flocktime the ship Sea Ghost was spotted. The party hashed out a plan to approach the ship fromantic two directions. Enric, Samhal and Reed would use the captured jolly boat assuming the smugglers on board would be expecting it. Zahi, Sorrowbourne and Errol would circle around to the port side and sneak onto the deck.

The plan worked and the smugglers were caught off guard. The ensuing battle ended with Sigurd Snake-Eye in our heroes’ custody and all but one smuggler who dove overboard dead.

The next game is on the 17th, and we’ll pick things up on board the Sea Ghost.

A Brief Update

We’re playing tonight at 6 again.
My plan to make this log an in character narrative isn’t quite panning out the way I’d like. I’ve been busy with grown-up homeowner stuff of late but I have managed to update bits an pieces of the wiki.

Still trying to nail down some formatting nuances though.

We left our heroes in the basement of the Alchemist’s mansion. They’ve taken a pair of smugglers alive and have taken a much needed rest.

Players should start thinking about what their characters goals are beyond the tasks at hand. Don’t be afraid to think big. Don’t be afraid to think small either. Do you want to rule a kingdom or own a tavern? Perhaps you want establish a guild, take one over or create a center of learning and repository for arcane knowledge.

Saltmarsh So Far

Our heroes came to Saltmarsh to keep an appointment with Gilbert the gnome, He had some kind of important, lucrative proposal to offer.

Seeking shelter from the rain at The Merry Mermaid the party quickly learned of the haunted mansion on the outskirts of town. After a rousing and extemporaneous song from Enric the Bard the group was recruited by Lord Mayor Winston Mott to solve the mystery of the house.

Not even bothering to rest after their slog to the Town of Saltmarsh they braved the elements once more plunging into the storm outside. Finding the house was a simple matter.

Undeterred by the eerie exterior our heroes took a multi pronged approach. Reed, the halfling Barbarian scrambled up the west wing chimney and down into the 2nd story.

Pablo, the elven mage ventured boldly through the eastern door, while Zahi, with meticulous care oiled the hinges of the front door and made his entrance.

After the rope they’d tied to Reed went slack Sorrow the dwarf and Enric the bard breached the threshold from the cracked patio in the rear of the west wing.

Almost immediately after their entrance a disembodied voice boomed out, “Welcome fools! Welcome to your death!” The peals of maniacal laughter had just started to fade by the time the party reassembled in the main entrance hall.

And so, our story begins...
Adventures Across the Sheldomar Valley

I think our first session went really well, thanks t everyone who took part.

Our party so far consists of:
Zahi, an elven rogue.
Sorrow, a dwarven monk.
Enric, the human bard.
Reed, the barbarian halfling.

There was also Pablo an elven wizard but since his player left before contact information was exchanged I’m not confident he’ll be returning.

Emails should be going out in a day or two for when our next game will be held. I’ll also post that information here.


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