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The World of Greyhawk

The planet Oerth is at the center of a geo-centric solar system in Greyspace.

The Sun travels around Oerth every 364 days visiting the 12 lairs of the Zodiac.

There are 2 moons. The Great Moon, Mistress Luna waxes and wanes on a 28 day cycle.
Her handmaiden Celene, much smaller and aquamarine in color is full only 4 times a year. Each time Celene is full is marked by a great festival When the Mistress and Handmaiden are both full things of great portent are at hand. The tomes “Secrets of Ye Skyes Revealed” by Selvor the Elder or Yestor Bilgind’s “Astrology, Divinity and Humanity” are the pinnacle of the celestial sciences.

The months and the name of the festivals, in the common tongue, are:

Fireseek (winter)
Readying (spring)
Coldeven (spring)
Planting (low summer)
Flocktime (low summer)
Wealsun (low summer)
Richfest (midsummer)
Reaping (high summer)
Good-month (high summer)
Harvester (high summer)
Patchwall (autum)
Ready’reat (autum)
Sunebb (winter)

The days of the week are: Starday (work), Sunday (work), Moonday (work), Godsday (worship), Watersday (work), Earthday (work), Freeday (rest).

The “known world” is the Land of Flanaess, the Eastern portion of the continent of Oerik. Very little is known of the Western portion of Oerik and even less of the other four continents of Oerth.

The Sheldomar Valley refers to a large swath of fertile land in southwestern Flanaess, bordered by the Barrier Peaks to the north, Crystalmists and Hellfurnaces to the west, Azure Sea to the south and the Lortmils to the east.
The valley is named after The Sheldomar River, which runs through a good portion of its length.

A number of nations make up the Sheldomar Valley, the largest being the Kingdom of Keoland. Other notable realms include Bissel, Geoff, the Gran March, the Hold of the Sea Princes, The Ulek States, and The Yeomanry.

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