The Chalice of Kalzar


This mystical goblet was created by the Tribes of Kalzar it is said to contain great power.

Liberated from The Lost City by Our Heroes, at the behest of Gilbert.

Created by the tribes of Kalzar with protective incantations pilfered from Boccob, Lord of All Magic. It ensured them a golden age of peace and prosperity but the God’s grew angry at their hubris. As part of the punishment levied an unspeakable Nercomantic curse was placed upon the Chalice.

It was most recently know to be in the possession of the Temple of Pelor in Niole Dra. The temple was attacked by a squadron of devils. When the devils discovered the Chalice was counterfeit they reduced the Temple and all but 3 clerics to ash.

Our Heroes discovered that the Chalice had been stolen. Their prolonged proximity to the Chalice allowed them to track it to a small farmhouse outside the city. There they discovered the corpse of the thief, a gnome, who carried a token linking him to Gilbert’s Society of Goodly Gnomes and Friends.

The current whereabouts of the Chalice are unknown.

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The Chalice of Kalzar

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