Character Creation

Here’s the link to the free version of the 5e Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules.

Using the basic rules will limit some of your options, but it’s free and having a character ready will speed things up on game day. I will have a supply of pre-generated characters ready too.

You have several choices for generating your character’s ability scores.

  • Roll 4d6, keep the best 3 and arrange as desired.
  • Take the Standard Array (15,14,13,12,10, 8) and arrange as desired.
  • Use the point buy system with a 27 point budget.

Any race from the Player’s Handbook is permitted, including the Human Variant. (PHB 31)
Players choosing one of the uncommon races (Dragonborn, Gnome, Half-Elf, Half-Orc & Tiefling) should be prepared for extra role-playing challenges navigating some social situations.

Humans are by far the dominant race, followed by Elves, then Halflings and then Dwarves.

Any class may be taken.

You may customize Backgrounds. (PHB 125)

We’ll be using the Deities of Greyhawk. (PHB 295)


  • I won’t be forbidding any alignments, however extreme personality types common to many of our favorite fantasy characters from books and movies are challenging to play in a group. Whether we’re talking about an unyielding paragon of virtue or an unrepentant backstabbing psychotic it requires a certain finesse to pull it off. Your PC should have the ability to work and play well with the other PCs.


  • You may equip your character using either the package option or by randomly generating the appropriate amount of gold. However no character is permitted to start the game with a mount.


  • When advancing levels you may take Feats in lieu of Ability Score Improvement class features. (PHB 165)
  • Multi-Classing will be permitted. (PHB 163)

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